Alaska in July 2004

Here are some pics of our adventure in Alaska in 2004

What an incredible trip!  We flew to Anchorage, stayed overnight, then flew to King Salmon.  There, the fine folks at the Royal Wolf Lodge picked us up on the river and flew us to the lodge, where we fished on six different rivers with a different guide - flying out and back each day.  The food and cabins were first class.  They even had a masseuse on staff.  And the fishing was world class.  The most exciting day was on the Brooks River, where the salmon run was at its maximum and the brown bears were going crazy.

The second week of our trip was at the Western Alaska Sport Fishing camps of Dave & Kim Egdorf.  They have two camps; the Wilderness Camp on the King Salmon River and the Main Camp on the Nushagak River.  Dave flies you from one to the other at mid-week.  Although we were fishing for rainbows, the spawning salmon kept getting in the way and on our hooks.  Who said that spawning salmon won't hit a fly...  test change


Royal Wolf Lodge

View from the Lodge

Gourmet Dinner at Royal Wolf

Italian Guests

Trek to American River

Gary with one on

27" Arctic Char

A Beauty

Bill with one on

Another Great Fish

Buddies Celebrate

Bears at Brooks Falls

Waiting for Lunch

He wants my fish

Let 'im have it

He's got it

That was close

Gary just laughs

Beautiful Mama

Jumping Rainbows

Check it out

Another bragger

Big Boar pissed

Egdorf Wilderness Camp

This ain't no trout pal

A Dog Fish (Chum Salmon)

King Salmon on a 6-weight

Now Gary has one

Thanks Erik

Big Red Fish

Our Ride

 Main Camp

Lookee here Bill

Incredible Rainbow

Easy does it

On steak & eggs

Alaska Grayling

Double Hookup

Happy Buddies