This web site is our way of keeping in touch with family and friends around the world, sharing interests and experiences in a global way, meeting new people in cyber space and getting feedback.  It's also a good learning experience and just plain fun.      TEST CHANGE

Helga and I live in Western Pennsylvania in a big old stone house built in the 1930's.   Here are a few pictures of our place at different times of year.  There are four spring-fed ponds beside the house stocked with a bunch of trout.  This is where I test out my new fly patterns and teach our grandchildren the finer points of enticing trout to the fly.

The history of this property and the story of how we came to be here is on the
Folmont Page.  From there you can navigate to the story of Folmont, the mountain community on top of Allegheny Mountain.

Click here to view the highlights of the MacLean Clan Event held at our home on September 22, 2013.


Here are some views around our place


A view in the Fall

Most of this site is about my interests, which include family, flyfishing, poetry, woodturning, western art, horses, playing sax and clarinet, learning Italian, reading historical novels and computer tech.  There's also my own recipe here for pastafagioli.

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This Web Site was created about 10 years ago and last edited on 09/02/17.

Actually I have done very little on this web site for a few years but I work on it every once in a while.

Please send me your suggestions.