Here are some pictures of horses and people

Please visit Youtube here to see a video
of my two horses cavorting in the pasture
(Click on thumbnail to view picture)

Our Pasture in summer

Don't eat the Daisies

Chris cutting the grass

John's first ride on Twisty

John struggling with Twisty

Matthew on Skiddles

Bareback - what do I do now?

Marianna with broken wrist

She loves this horse

Alaina & Janelle on old Maggie

Alaina, Anthony on Maggie

Snacks for my friends

Rare scene - Helga & horse

Skiddles and Twisty

Bill on Twisty

What a pretty horse

Chris on Twisty

Coppertop and Twisty in winter

Fritz and horses in winter

Twisty grazing on front lawn