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   Back in the Spring of 1990, I got a phone call from an army buddy of mine from the olden days back in Germany in 1961 & 62.  Gary and I raised a lot of hell in Germany, but hadn't seen each other much over the years since.  We were too busy raising our families and making our fortunes.   Gary suggested we take a trip out to Yellowstone Park to do some flyfishing.  I jumped on it.  Ever since, we have been going on fishing trips around the world.  We're still doing it in 2010.

   Here's what we looked like back then and now

  Here are a few of our flyfishing adventures:

   In 2004 we went to Alaska: Alaska in July 2004
We spent a week at the Royal Wolf Lodge, a fly-out 'camp' in the Katmai National Park, and a week at Egdorf's Western Alaska Sport Fishing, which has two great camps in the Bristol Bay Region.

  In 2003 we went to the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia, where we caught about 2,000 lbs. of trout and salmon.  Check out these awesome pictures.

  In 2003, 4 and 5, we went to Crooked Island in the Bahamas for bonefish.  Click here for more info on those trips.

  If you are interested in fly fishing trips to exotic places, visit the web site of The Fly Shop.  They will take care of everything for you.  Just get your credit card handy...

Kamchatka Trout - Click picture to enlarge -->
If you have a very fast connection and/or a lot of patience, you can download a 2-minute video of me catching this salmon.  On a slow dial-up line, the download time could be two hours!!!  With a DSL connection, the time will be about 4 minutes.  The file is 17.2MB.  You can 'save' it on your computer and run it quickly at any time by double clinking the filename 'Bill's Big Salmon(2.05min).EXE'.    The download manager will tell you how long it will take on your connection.  You can cancel the download at any time.  To download now, click HERE.

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