Western Art

Here are some examples of the kind of western art I like and some photos of art work I have acquired.  I hope to take some digital photos of paintings and sculptures in my home and post them here.  Stay tuned!

D. Michael Thomas - Timberline.JPG (120620 bytes)

John W. Hampton - Old Paint.JPG (131284 bytes)

Ken Rowe - Muchas Grasses.JPG (84444 bytes)

Kevin McCarthy - The Unvanquished.JPG (140224 bytes)

Susan Kliewer - Maria.JPG (53349 bytes)

Frank McCarthy - Warriers.JPG (251105 bytes)

Frank McCarthy - Cover.JPG (121108 bytes)

D. Michael Thomas
Coffee Table
John W. Hampton
Oil 28"x42"
Ken Rowe
Bronze 7"
Kevin McCarthy
Bronze 16"
Susan Kliewer
Bronze 28"
Frank C. McCarthy
Oil 28"x30"
Frank C. McCarthy
Oil 20"x40" 

  Those below are in my meager collection:

Kevin McCarthy - Tracking The Enemy.JPG (44008 bytes)This magnificent colored bronze sculpture is by Kevin McCarthy.  I have #1 of 20.  It now sits in my dining room.

Kevin's father is the late, very well-known Frank C. McCarthy, whose ultra-realistic oils sell in the five figure range - wish I could afford one.

To see more of Kevin's work, click here

Jeff Rudolph - Twister.JPG (75469 bytes)This smaller bronze sculpture, by Jeff Rudolph of Cody, Wyoming, is about 13" high.
It caught my eye while on a trout fishing trip in Wyoming.  It was sitting in the window at the
Big Horn Galleries in Cody.  It now sits in my living room.

Here are some links to sites on the WWW dealing with (or dealing in) western art...
http://www.sidrmuseum.org/ and http://www.nuwestart.com/