Bill's Woodturning Hobby

I love working with wood.  Woodturning is part art, part craft and a lot of patience.  I started in 2005 after visiting a woodturning exhibit in England.  I ordered a beginner's wood lathe from Grizzly Tools and got hooked on it.  Seems like I'm always buying new tools, exotic woods and how-to books.  I uploaded these pictures to show my family and friends a small sample of the things I have made so far.  I am now looking for the perfect vessel, as well as the perfect fly.  TEST CHANGE

Initially I worked with solid hunks of wood, mostly from trees around my home, but there were always shrinkage problems working with green wood and I didn't have the patience to wait for the wood to dry before the final turning.  Then I bought bowl blanks of exotic kiln dried woods and made a few nice pieces that way, but there were still end-grain issues.  It is very difficult to get clean cuts across the end grain that will polish up nicely.  Turning solid hunks of wood requires special skills I have not mastered.

Then I discovered segmented turning.  In this technique one starts with a flat length of kiln-dried wood and cuts it into short lengths that are glued together into rings.   The rings are then stacked to make a bowl or a vase or any other shape. It involves some geometry, but allows for creativity in shape and color.

Below are some examples of my work, generally arranged chronologically.

Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view...

The chips are flyin'

I make lots of this

 Wild cherry logs

My first nut bowl

Cherry salad bowl

Before & after
A Ring bowl

My band saw and wood lathe

A set of cups
from rotting

Salad bowl

2005 Christmas presents

Ash vase & goblet

Rosewood bowl
Vic Dozzi

Super top & baby rattle


Endgrain bowl - don't try it!

Spalted Maple
Salad Bowl

Maple& Brazilian Redwood

Lignum Vitae (ironwood) Bowl


Cherry Burl

Canary wood & Walnut

Segmented Dish

Ambrosia & Redwood

Maple, Corian & Cocobolo

Whirlpool Dish

Lidded Bowl
Oregon Myrtlewood

The Sedona
Mountain Ash & Brazilian Redwood Gary Balke

Spider Bowl Ash & Brazilian Redwood

Spider Dish
Ash & Makore

Early Segmented Bowls

Ring Construction

workbench & tool center - a simple shop

Table saw setup
for cutting bowl segments

Hopi Mini Bowl
6" diameter

UFO Bowl

UFO Bowl


 A Trio of Hopi
 Indian Vessels

    Flared Bowl

The Vortex
Walnut & Maple

Segmented Bowl

Hard Burl Ashtray   

Maple, Mahogany & Cocobolo

Heart to Heart Fluted Vase
11"W x 11"H

Lidded Ebony sapwood bowl



& Walnut

Bubinga and
Maple Cup

The Thunderbird

First Staved Vase

Spalted Bowl

Purpleheart Staved Vase

Burl Bowls

Staved Vase

Little Brown Jug

Rosewood Goblet

Candy Dish

Laminated Vase

Staved Vessel

Burl Bowl

Mahogany/Maple Vase

Mahogany/Maple Vase

Chicken Lamp for Chris

Staved Vessel given to Kathy Manges

John Nuzzo's HS Band Baton - Caesar Rodney High School,Dover, DL

What is this?  Vic Dozzi has it.

Spalted Maple

Easter Basket

Impossible Geometry

50th Anniversary Dish for Helga

Redheart Sunrise

Lidded Urn
Maybe my ashes?

A trio of vases.
Hard maple and redheart.

Mexican Snowman

Cocobolo Keyholder

Miniature Birdhouse

Wine bottle stopper

Woven Indian basket

Nested bowls
Cocobolo & Yellowheart


Fat Albert
Hackberry & Bloodwood

Bubinga & Cherry

African Drum Lamp

Hot air balloon
12 types of wood