Crooked Island

Gary and I, with two buddies from Dallas (Rodger and John), visited Crooked Island in the Bahamas for the second year in a row.  There is no island in the Bahamas and no village as friendly as Landrail Point on Crooked Island.  In 2005, Gary and I went again, but the Dallas boys opted out.

Here are a few pictures from 2003:

In April 2004, we were surprised to find a gaggle of Englishmen and Scots would be joining us on the flats.  People from the UK are not very original with names.  They were all named John or Mark or Mike.  Only a few of them spoke recognizable English.  And they drank a lot of Kalik beer.  But the thing that really pissed us off was that they caught more bonefish than the Yanks.  Here are a few pictures from that trip...       


Mike & us

Our Digs

John & Mark


Andrew & Harley

Waiting for breakfast

Another Mark

Goin' Fishin'

Beginning a
very long day

Rodger & Gary

John & Rodger

Mike & Gary

Why are you smiling

Bill's Jack

Gary's Tern

Catch & Release

Our Bus

The Gang


High Points: 1.)Mike the Brit claimed he caught 27 bonefish one day.  Rumor had it that he lies a lot.
          2.)Rodger & John with Kenny got stuck out on a flat when the tide went out.  Kenny's new name is Nighthawk.
          3.)Gary caught a tern on a pilcher and Bill's biggest fish was a jack.
          4.)The Yanks are not scheduling next year's trip until they find out when the Brits are coming back.