Fishing Around The World

  Is fly fishing one or two words?  Who cares - it's lots of fun.  Below are some composite photos from various flyfishing trips.  I go on a couple trips each year with an Army buddy of mine from the olden days back in Germany - one in the Spring for saltwater flats fishing and one each Summer or Fall out West or some exotic place for trout. We have been to Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Alaska, The Bahamas, Venezuela, Belize and Kamchatka in lower Siberia to fish for trout, salmon, bonefish, permit and Tarpon.  Stay tuned.
  • September, 1990 - Trout Fishing in and around Yellowstone Park

  • February, 1991 - Bonefishing, etc. at Turneffe Flats Lodge, Belize, C.A.

  • September, 1991 - Fishing and Camping at Yellowstone

  • September, 1992 - Idaho - Trout & Camping in the White Cloud Mountains

  • February, 1993 - Bonefishing at Los Roques, Venezuela

  • September, 1993 - Idaho - Trout & Camping in the Sawtooth Mountains

  • These are only the first six trips we took.  By now there are over 20 more...  Stay tuned.  Emerson Biggerwunz!

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